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    Concrete Machinery Co.,Ltd

    There are not only the flexibility, wear resistance and tear resistance of leather art, but also the permeability, delicacy and softness of cloth art. There are tens of thousands of micro air holes per square meter, which can dissipate heat faster, keep sedentary, make the fabric smooth, clean and convenient.

    • Over 20 years of fire doors manufacturing experience
    • All MX steel fire doors Meet and exceed SDI/HMMA industry standards
    • fire tested and certified with UL, Intertek/WH from 20 min up to 3 hours fire rating
    • Complying criteria as NFPA252, UBC 7-2, UL10(b), UL10 (c).
    • Fully support on your new fire door design development
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    Why Choose Us

    Since the establishment of the company, we have focused on production. We have rich experience to help you order.

    • ◎ Free of cost for fabric samples
    • ◎ More than 3000 ready designs for your options
    • ◎ Quick email response within 12 hours.
    • ◎ 40m-60m per roll sample work & 1000 meters per order quantity.
    • ◎ QC with more than 10 years experience in the quality control field.
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    Concrete Machinery Co.,Ltd

    Songchubj Innovations brings users innovative and reliable products, and quickly enters multiple fields such as film and television media, energy inspections, remote sensing mapping, agricultural services, infrastructure projects, and cutting-edge applications, providing efficient, safe and intelligent for all walks of life Tool of.

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